The production complex of ÁTIKA Cárnicos Antequera is equipped with modern high-tech machinery from leading European companies such as: Seydelmann, Handtmann, Guenther, Mauting, Ulma Packaging, Espera, Fatosa and Zermat. 

We apply a natural beech timber smoking, using a friction smoke generation from our smokehouse systems, to achieve a mild taste, pleasant aroma and natural colour for our products. 

At each facility is installed a cooling system, that ensures the right temperature conditions in accordance with sanitary regulations and requirements. 



Equipment of the enterprise allow to produce a wide range of meat products such as: small and large sausages, boiled sausages, smoked and half-smoked sausages, salami, liver and pâte, delicacies, products for barbecue and convenience foods. 

The products are prepared by classic recipes, as well as by self-developed recipes, that where developed during all the years of experience in the industry.

For packaging we use modern methods. Products packaging is done under vacuum or in protective atmosphere, thus extending shelf life, without affecting taste.

Work approach

The key elements, forming a high standard of quality and constancy of flavour in products, that we produce are: 

  • Strict quality control at all stages of production;
  • Selecting selective chilled meat from local spanish producers;
  • Procurement of spices, casings and materials for packaging from the market leaders;
  • All recipes and materials, that are used, are coordinated and consistent with sanitary agencies and regulatory authorities;
  • Compliance with sanitary and hygiene requirements is a main factor of producing quality products.